123Movies 2021 – Watch Movies Online and Similar Alternatives Websites

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123Movies is a streaming site to watch free movies. Here is why it has million users around the world through its mirror domains and popular categories that people love. In addition, we add more worth alternatives to try for your movie-watching experience.

What is 123Movies Websites?


123Movies site is a place to download or watch free movies, which comes from Vietnam. It is the most visited streaming site, reaching 98 million users since its release date in 2015. In 2018, The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) stated that it was “the most popular illegal site”. Due to the illegal action uploading videos and massive users they got, the site was shutdown in an investigation by Vietnamese authorities.

123Movies provides multiple genres that make viewers love to access movies here. There are action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, game show, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, news, reality, romance, sci-Fi, sports, talk shows, TV movie, thriller, and war.

What 123 Movies Offers To Its Users?

1. It Has A Large Number Of Hollywood Movies

Official 123Movies site is very popular among countries. There are large numbers of Hollywood movies viewers can access. That is why Hollywood hates this sites and Vietnam banned this site from its country.

2. It Is Very User-Friendly

You are able to search by genre, country, years, anime, cartoon, Asian dramas, TV series, action, thriller, and animation on the menu. This will make searching easier and quickly find the movies you want. In addition, you can scroll down to find an interesting movie.

3. No Subscription Or Creating Account To Access

People who access this site are those who cannot pay subscription fee or the films that are searched for are not on the legal sites. However, be careful with the links that appear.

4. Less Ads On The Homepage

The pages are not full of advertising pictures, but pictures of Asian women wearing sexy bikinis or disturbing commercial pop-ups. If a pop-up appears, exit the tab, and then return to the original tab. If the pop-up keeps appearing, do it as mentioned again.

5. Easy to Download

It is very easy to save movies from 123Movies go. You can use either cell phone or laptop. The method is not difficult to follow. Open 123movies.com, type the movies on the search bar, and play the movie. Pause it, then click right on the mouse, choose “Save video as”, name and save it. Easy right?

Mirror Domains Of 123Movies New Site Name

123movies.com, its main site, has been eradicated. However, there are still many copy sites similar to 123Movies link unblocked. Here are the domain mirrors that people can access as below:

  1. Movies 123
  2. GoStream 123Movies
  3. GoMovies 123
  4. 0123Movies
  5. 123movies-free.me
  6. 123movies.co
  7. 123moviesfree.sc

123Movies Alternatives Streaming Sites

1. Putlocker

It appears in 2011 and gets millions viewers in a day. Because, people are able to find the movies they want easily. You can access it at putlocker9.ru.

2. GoStream

One of the popular 123Movies websites alternative domains is GoStream. It comes as the replacement of that free streaming site. It is still working here to check free movies at gostreamsite.ga.

3. Popcornflix

You can easily type on your search engine popcornflix.com. It has simple homepage, which shows button Movies, TV Shows, and Viral Vids. Moreover, users can scroll down to find more various categories about movies they provide.

4. YouTube Movies

YouTube is the largest content-accessed around the world. YouTube Movies is for online streaming service, but you need to pay for each you would like to watch. It has different genres and watch later offline.

5. Amazon Prime Video

It may not free but it is worth to try this premium service. It will give you the latest movies and TV shows. If you love streaming online, you can consider this one.

Bottom Line

The conclusion is that 123Movies go is one of the most popular among other streaming sites. It has many advantages to make users more love it to access movies here.

Although, it has been blocked, similar sites exist can be freely accessed and it is very easy to download. In addition, you can try other alternatives that offer you better movie-watching experience such as mentioned Putlocker, GoStream, Popcornflix, Youtube Movies, Amazon Prime Video, etc.