A Love So Beautiful [2020] Eng Sub Streaming and Download Full Episode

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A Love So Beautiful is a Korean drama film in the genre of friendship, school, and romantic comedy, you can watch this film through a streaming site which we will reviews below.

A Love So Beautiful

This film, directed by Seo Min Jung, is a film recycled from a Chinese drama film of the same title and released in 2017.

A Love So Beautiful was first released on December 28, 2020, and has 24 episodes that air every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday with a film duration of 20 minutes per episode.


  • Kim Yo Han as Cha Heon [main role]
  • So Ju Yeon as Shin Sol Yi [main role]
  • Yeo Hoe Hyun as Woo Dae Sung [main role]
  • Jo Hye Joo as Kang Ha Young
  • Jung Jin Hwan as Jung Jin Hwan
  • Jo Seung Yeon [Cha Heon’s mother]
  • Kim Sung Gon as Mr. Cho
  • Seong Hye Min as Moon Sook Hee [Guru]
  • Yang Yoo Jin as Seo Ji Soo “dokter” teman Cha Heon
  • Park Ji Won as Oh Hee Ji
  • Ji Hwa Seop as Nurse Lee
  • Yoon Seo Hyun as Shin Gi Heon
  • Kim Dong Kyu as Wang Se Hyeong
  • Jo Ryeon as Lee Chan Hee
  • Song Min Jae as Cha Heon
  • Ki Eun Yoo as Cha Geon
  • Lee Shi Hoo as Section Chief Heo
  • Yoo Ji Yeon as Lee Su Jin
  • Choi Bo Min as Na Mi Nyeo
  • Jung Chung Min [Swimming coach/Dae Sung’s father]


A Love So Beautiful Eng Sub Streaming Sites

You can watch the streaming link for the movie A Love So Beautiful via the streaming link below.

The Korean drama film A Love So Beautiful can be watched on the streaming site netflix.com, the Netflix site is a global distributor of the film, it is available in English subtitles.

To watch the Korean drama A Love So Beautiful, you can do it through live streaming using the application and also the netflix.com site with the site address or link below.

Netflix streaming link: here

The Netflix site is not a free streaming site, to be able to watch movies on the site either through the website or the Netflix application, you must subscribe to a monthly package first, after that you will have login access and you can select all the films on the site.

In addition to the official site, usually most people choose alternative sites to watch their favorite movies, one of which is a free streaming site, for example, the kissasian.video site, 123movies, and also the Korean drama download site Soap2Day.

A Love So Beautiful Eng Sub Streaming

A Love So Beautiful synopsis

A Love So Beautiful tells the story of a girl’s love story named Shin Sol Yi played by So Joo Yun, She likes her friend since childhood named Cha Hun, played by Kim Yo Han.

For 17 years Shin Sol Yi harbored her love for Cha Hun because of her one-sided love story, Cha Hun always acted cold to Shin Sol Yi.

Cha Hun is an accomplished and handsome student at his school so many girls at school like him.

Cha Hun also secretly likes Shin Sol Yi, but he looks more expensive and also not very good at expressing his feelings.


The film has now aired as many as 22 episodes and only 2 more episodes are left, this film will be finished, you can watch A Love So Beautiful via the Netflix streaming site as the official site that broadcasts the film.

Some other alternatives, namely watching using a free streaming site we do not recommend because the site is illegal. Also, some free sites usually get errors, and also a lot of advertisement interruptions appear.