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Flixtor is one of the best places for you to spend your spare time by watching entertaining movies and animations. This site is declared a pirated site because it provides free copyrighted content. Many people from various parts of the world access this site regularly.

Unfortunately, many authorities block this site in their country. So that, this pirated sites cannot develop and stop to provide its users with exciting free movies online. Eventually, movie lovers look for other alternatives, which are certainly better for their own safety and for the film industry. The following passages will discuss the tops Flixtor alternatives completed with the information about proxy websites and benefits.

Get to know Flixtor

Flixtor to Movie
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As the latest movies and TV shows streaming service, Flixtor exist to allow its users accessing without registration. Downloading without subscription does not reduce the quality of the content and features provided. If you are bored in your daily life or tired of working all day long, visit and see interesting posters of movies that will shift you to a good mood.

No pop-up appears when accessing this very simple-featured site. Because, what matters the most for its user are providing the latest content and great masterpieces that cannot be missed. Such as Batman: Soul of the Dragon, Tiger, Taking a Short at Love, Headspace: Guide to Meditation, Soul, and the famous The Walking Dead.

Flixtor Alternatives Websites

There have been many efforts by the government to block illegal sites like Flixtor. But the same links comes to update the appearance and features for better UI.

  • flixtor.stream
  • flixtor.video
  • flixtor.ac
  • Flixtor.to

Advantages offered by Flixtor

  1. It is very easy to access Flixtor, and you do not force to fill the registration form or subscription fee.
  2. The best thing about this site is, when you touch the poster with your mouse pointer, there is box information. This helpful description shows date release, duration, country, genre, and the star score.
  3. The user-interface is very simple, only essential parts are available to help users explore the content. One of them is through a variety of genres like romance, thriller, comedy, to science fiction.
  4. Users are able to watch anytime and anywhere, one of them with the Sport feature and television collections are provided to attract a wider range of users.

Alternatives to Watch Free Online Movies

1. GuideDoc

The first alternative is GuideDoc. Maybe rarely known, but this site is extraordinary than just getting some fun on Flixtor. This site is devoted to access precious-amazing documentaries. This might be your new choice of streaming service and make your life meaningful.

It serves 1007 movies and promises to upload a new one everyday. This provides many kinds of documentaries. There are documentary about art, adventure, children, comedy, crime, environment and more. Visit GuideDoc, and see how great the website.

2. Crunchyroll

The second Flixtor alternative site is Crunchyroll. On the site, it stated that it is the world’s largest anime collection. You can satisfy due to various collections of anime. The amazing one is you can stream the latest episodes after the movies aired an hour in Japan.

To be the member and access more features, you need to sign up and pay its monthly subscription. It needs your credit card number or pay through PayPal. Enjoy your cartoon without seeing annoying ads on websites and various streaming devices.

3. Netflix

Who does not know this site? From entertaining to thrilling and serious, Netflix has it all. Like Flixtor and Crunchyroll, Netflix is full of Japanese animations that you can watch in high quality.

This site contains documentary movies, but it is certainly not as complete and unique as GuideDoc. There are many cool documentaries released on Netflix, those are BlackPink: Light Up the Sky, The Minimalist, Surviving Death. The most famous documentaries it has is about animals and other natural beauty. However, if you want to suit to your taste, Netflix has it all.


Flixtor publishes copyrighted content for free. It attracts a lot of enthusiasm for its followers. Then, the government blocked streaming service sites like Flixtor. Yet, the proxy websites comes and its content is still as completed as the main page. Maybe you can take a look at the benefits offered by legal sites such as Crunchyroll, GuideDoc, and Netflix. Happy watching!