KissAnime – Best Anime Streaming Alternatives, Legal and Safe for You

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Do not be sad if KissAnime does not work. Here are some great KissAnime alternatives for anime lovers around the world in 2021.


The anime craze has been spreading all over the world. KissAnime appears as a streaming companion for anime lovers. Many people are crazy about anime. Various funny characters and unique stories make this madness happen. The increasing popularity of anime around the world has made this website famous massively. If you want to find any genre of anime, you will automatically access this magical website.

The Advantages of Watching on Kiss Anime

The following below describes why KissAnime is loved by its fans.

1. Super complete number of anime titles

Whether looking for new or old anime, KissAnime App is the most reliable. It provides many film genres. This super complete anime moreover, it has old anime that has not existed on other movie streaming sites.

2. There is no censor from the super sensitive surveillance institute

However, it is annoying for some people getting their anime suddenly censor. The story will be told perfectly if the image is presented as it is.

3. The subtitles are complete and not boring

Anime lovers do not need to worry about the subtitle they have, because this website provides multiple languages. The subtitles also use casual language, which are funny and not boring.

4. Free and no need to use complicated payment methods

KissAnime is free access. We can access it anytime and free without having to register a complicated payment method.

Risks Associated With Free Streaming

Free streaming sites are indeed risky. These sites are widely used for crimes to obtain your personal and financial information. Another bad thing is a virus.

One way to prevent this happening when accessing free streaming is to use a VPN. VPN software will hide your location and browser activity to prevent cyber attacks and tracking.

Not only virus threatens, the emersion of these clicked pop-up ads is such a waste of time. Therefore, immediately use a VPN to access these proxy or mirror websites.

Kiss Anime Working Proxy / Alternatives Website


The most surprising for many people in 2020 is not only because of pandemic. Precisely, in August 14, 2020, KissAnime officially closed after 8 years of its release. You could say this is a bad news happened for free anime lovers.

Especially for those who love anime that are already rare published.  Only on this website, rare anime can be found. But, various proxy or mirror websites have spread up. Its presence by providing millions of anime similar to KissAnime’s first domain is still useful for many people.

  • GoGoAnime
  • 9Anime

Best KissAnime Website Alternatives

If the KissAnime website clone above is down, you can try these best alternatives.

1. Netflix

You do not have to pay much money because it offers a low price for its mobile service on Netflix. While there are not many genre variations, yet Netflix is doing a very good job of bringing out lots of Studio Ghibli anime. It is also completed with around 28 languages including Indonesian. The emersion of new anime proves that this alternative is starting to engage great interest to anime lovers.

2. Crunchyroll

This name is familiar to anime lovers. This alternative brings out many anime titles. Its speed in uploading new anime in Japan made it is known as the second best of the first one, KissAnime ru. However, Crunchyroll is not free. It offers huge-varied titles and the most important is it is legal.

3. Funimation

Besides legal, Funimation has the advantage of being able to show new-aired anime in Japan within a week. Famous anime appear on this website such as Fruits Basket Season 2, One Piece, Black Clover, and others. The subscription fee is also quite affordable. With a subscription, you can download those anime in Android or iOS device.

4. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet guarantees more than 40,000 streaming episodes that can be accessed legally. Not only anime, this site also provides manga and recommended information according what you search for.

The disappearance of the historic KissAnime in the world of wibu has led to better innovations.


Legal websites and streaming services as previously reviewed provide great solutions for wibu lovers. With various advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the one according to your preferences.