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The South Korean music industry seems to be the equivalent of the western music industry. Not only that, the South Korean entertainment industry is also enlivened by many interesting drama series and variety shows that you can watch at KissAsian.

For drama series lovers, Drakor aka Korean drama certainly has its own place. Apart from the actors and actresses who have attractive visuals, the storyline has always succeeded in making KDrama lovers addicted to the Korean drama marathon.

The good news is, now you can get your favorite Korean drama marathon through free streaming sites like KissAsian Apk. This local site you can access freely without having to subscribe to a premium package first.

KissAsian Streaming Site


The collection of drama series that KissAsian org has is also quite complete, and of course you can stream with Eng subtitles. When accessing this site, you will also experience the best resolution Korean drama experience.

Unfortunately, KissAsiansh is still full of direct URL ads that will take you to another site when clicking on the ad. Even more dangerous, these sites are often “piggybacked” malware that will attack your device.

It is undeniable, problems like this are very often found on illegal sites. In fact, you will still be bothered with domains that often change to avoid blocking.

KissAsian Alternative Sites To Free Korean Drama

It’s no secret that Asia has a number of illegal Korean drama streaming sites that can still be accessed easily, such as:

Recommended Korean Drama Legal Streaming Site

Seeing the many minus points that illegal sites like Kiss Asian have, we highly recommend that you switch to legal sites. Even though you have to subscribe to a premium package, you will get many advantages that cannot be obtained from illegal sites.

The following are recommendations for legal Korean drama streaming sites for you.


For those of you who like to stream movies, you must be familiar with the number one site in the world. This site, which is more famous for its cinema collection, also has a very complete collection of Korean drama.

Of course it’s not just complete, but Netflix also always updates the latest dramas. In fact, you can stream Drakor Eng sub on Netflix with only a few hours / day of time after broadcast on local Korean TV stations.

That’s right, if Netflix charges a subscription package of around $ 8.99 / Basic, $ 13.99 Standard per month, With only one $ 0.3 per day, you can freely access the latest to old drama Korea which you might not be able to watch on other streaming sites.


Finally, there is Viki, a site that is predicted to be a competitor to Netflix, which can also be a mainstay place for streaming Korean dramas. Although the collection that is owned is not as complete as the previous site, Viki has other advantages. Especially in terms of the cost of a cheap subscription package only $ 4.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year.

This legal site also has a fairly simple appearance, so it’s perfect for those of you who are new to streaming sites like this. In addition, Viki also has navigation and viewing categories that will make it easier for customers to access the desired film or drama series.

The two legal streaming sites above certainly offer their respective advantages, both in terms of Korean drama collections, subscription package fees and site views.


After knowing what are the names of illegal and legal sites that you can make your favorite Korean drama marathon place, still confused about where to stream?

When compared, of course we prefer legal sites like Netflix and Viki. Apart from being ad-free and safe from blocking, legal sites also do not have the potential to harm the creative industry.

So, besides being able to stream more comfortably and safely, you indirectly have supported the development of the South Korean creative industry.