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As one of the pirated websites, LosMovies is no doubt about its fame. The various movies genres expand its users based on the genre they like. The Los Movies apk for smartphone version is much better. This apk version has many advantages that are as interesting as the website version.

To make your choice of streaming service easier, here are the information about the benefits, the existence of a new Los Movies proxy links, and launching the app version. On the last, you will be recommended some best alternatives that are safe and legal for watching online movies.

About LosMovies

LosMovies website

The popularity of LosMovies download cannot be separated from the provision of the latest HD movies, even the movies that are showing on theaters. You need to install Flash Player to watch most videos here. Unfortunately, the display of advertisements and pop-ups appear when you click on a link. You might find this annoying. But, this is commonly happened in piracy sites.

The 9 MB LosMovies Apk has not been widely accessed. The total number of reviews is only 300. The advantage between the app and the website is on the simplicity features that can be accessed only in your hand. The content provided is also as complete as on the web.

Proxy Links of Los Movies

Advantages Offered by Los Movies

  1. Users do not need to pay a dime is the most everyone reason to access Los Movies constantly.
  2. You can easily watch plenty titles of popular and new release English movies such as Pieces as a Woman, Riverdale, Big Bang Theory and many more.
  3. It also shows the amount of episodes and seasons. Then, the movies description is complete containing of overview, status, and release date.
  4. It provides top and current movies plus its songs.
  5. From the website look, it shows the simplicity. It does not show the list of movie posters like other piracy site. Users can filter their searching through the alphabet and numbers, category menu on the top, and most viewed section on the header site.

LosMovies Alternatives

1. Mobi

The first LosMovies alternative is Mobi. The site design is very millennial and colorful. You can also see movie reviews from the articles provided on the site. In addition, you are able to discuss movies on its community with 11 million members!

This movie-streaming site allows you to download all movies from any type of screen anywhere. From classic to movies that have worldwide popularity. You can access other advantages offered by only paying $1 for your first three months, new member!

2. Filmrise

The second option to change LosMovies tv site is Filmrise. This streaming netwok is based on Brooklyn. It saves your money from any charges, yet, you must see the advertisements while watching. Do not worry. They are not as much as on your regular TV.

This site has 30,000 interesting titles from around the world. There are Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, crime series Forensic Files, crime thriller My Friend Dahmer, and any prize-winning movies. It promises you new movies everyday.

3. Curiosity Stream

The site that is colored on orange shade is curiositystream.com. If you really like documentaries, this is the place to be. This site does not display a glance of its contents like Los Movies. After all, you have to sign up first. It offers a very affordable price, which is $12 per year and $ 20 for the normal price.

With that price, not only documentary movies, you are allowed to enjoy award-winning movies with high quality. This site also offers 4K resolution, of course, with a special price. Watch your evocative documentary and history movies by Curiosity Stream.


The LosMovies unblock logo is attractive that makes it easy for users to remember this. With only a few advertisements appearing, it is worth the service provided.

Just by letting the ads appear, you can access all the high quality movies free, a hassle-free user interface, and various convenient features. But it will be better and safer by accessing the three alternatives above: Mobi, Filmrise, and Curiosity Stream.