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Watching Indian and English movies on the page can make your day lovely. With the advantages offered on the site, making your watching-experience more satisfying and free after all. You can watch movies of Krishnarjuna Yuddham, Rangasthalam, or Bahubali 2 Telugu on MegaShare info movie online and through its cloning sites.

This website is as good as,,, and and mokingjay pt 1 megashare. Not only that, the website offers many advantages for loyal visitors. However, to remain, use VPN, install ads block app and anti-virus software to protect you from any harm risks.

What is MegaShare?

Megashare Movies

MegaShare is an online Hindi movie watching. It is known published in 2010 and brought many entertainment contents. From the statistics, it obtains 3,500 visitors a day. Through its journey on serving its users with free and great contents, it is abruptly down in 2014.

What make it popular are not only because of the contents, but also because of other advantages offered by MegaShare as streaming online friend for movie lovers. Connect to the internet, and enjoy the advantages.

New Links of MegaShare

Watch online movie provided on these clone sites below. You can access free for Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and any Indian movies available on MegaShare movies alternatives.

Mega Share Streaming Site Advantages

  1. The one and the most influenced thing is the free access.
  2. The movies have some code like for adults or younger to differentiate which one is appropriate based on user age.
  3. The site is quite safe, however, the advertisements is also disturbing. You need to install Ad block application, and you will be fine.
  4. Although, it has too much advertisement and pop-ups, it has the oldest from 2003 and the newest this year. So, this great contents can be your options to suit your mood.
  5. You do not only watch Hindi, also English movies like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.
  6. Its categories makes your searching more exciting including countries, TOP IMDB reviews, and you can request.

Watch Hindi Online Movies with These Megashare Alternatives

1. The Indian movie-watching,

The first alternative of Megashare is Tubi TV. It is 100% legal and unlimited streaming movies. This Indian movie watching provides various popular movies and TV series that can be enjoyed free in HD quality image.

It gives various subtitles for movies and TV series. Exciting free movies are uploaded every week, so Bollywood lovers will never run out of time for entertainment. The user interface is easy to use. If you are interested, just download Tubi TV application through mobile, smart TV, and cell phone. It is the best one because it does not require credit card number or fee subscription.


Users can watch the latest Hindi movies, TV serials and shows. Click the Hindi section to find Hindi movies you like. There are Tan haji, Baaghi 3, Panga, and the others. In fact, it includes Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, English, Sport, News and other contents.

Different from Tubi TV, to be the member and getting the premium contents is you need to pay $5 a month. It is cheaper than Netflix, the popular one. It has 7,000 contents including animation, documenter, serial, movies, and entertaining videos. This is better than MegaShare, because it has download feature. You can download and enjoy the movie later.


This entertainment streaming media is the last option of watching Hindi movies online. It has complete Indian movie categories such as Hindi, English, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil. The genres are good, like drama, comedy, thriller, etc. To access full contents, you need to register as paid subscriber.

You are not able to see the homepage as long as you register yourself. This one is what many people do not like, yet they have to follow if they really want to know. But, the content it guaranteed, the contents would be cool to access.

Bottom Line

MegaShare ag is a great online movie watching, full and free. The MegaShare full movies provided attract many people accessing the site more and more. Unfortunately, it was down by the authorities years ago. Again, it is much better to access free Hindi movies legally.