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When you get bored of social media, visit Movies4u to change your mood. The main page display will create fresh impression on its gray base color and a blue and pink logo. Entertainment content it has will make your mood even better. Because, it offers many advantages.

Apart from the website, the Movies4u app was launched for the Android version. Just type “movies4u” on the Play Store search box, then the application will appear at the top entry. It turns out that the application has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users with 4.6 star reviews.

What is Movies4u?


This online streaming site is famous for its collection of Indian films. In 123 Movies 4u, you can download Tamil, Telugu, and other Hindi films free of charge. Not only movies, it also provides TV shows, which widen its visitors more and more. Not only Indian films, it also provides English movies like Lion King, Frozen II, etc.

The Movies4u app is not much different from the website. The easiness to download the app will increase new users. However, the global site traffic is quite amazing. The fact from the trusted statistic site, it obtains 366,655 engagements over the past 90 days.

What is Movies 4u New URL?

This website was established about 8 years ago. However, due to copyright issues, the main sites can be taken down. Here comes the alternative you can access.

Why You Should Stream on Movies4u Free Online?

  1. Free of money transaction to download and free streaming either through the site or through the app.
  2. The categories are various like Hindi Dubbed Movies, Bollywood Movies, Tamil A-Z Dubbed Movies, Tamil MP3 and Video Songs and Hollywood Movies in Hindi.
  3. It is easier downloading through the app and simple to download movies you like.
  4. The app categories are as good as the legal streaming apps such as description, movie relation, and category menu.

A Month Free Streaming Sites Like Movies4you Alternatives

1. Netflix

Netflix provides a huge collection including Hindi or Bollywood films like Movies4ufree. There are various categories such as movies, series, and movies-related section. The most interesting is that it provides classics series such as Friends, Breaking Bad, and the latest series that are just fun.

If you are interested but still hesitant to subscribe, you can try the 30-day free trial. However, you must input your credit card number when registering, to facilitate payment when you want to continue subscribing. It only needs $6 for monthly subscription.

2. Amazon Prime Video

This online streaming site is as good as Netflix and can be the second alternative of Movies4u site. Prime Video provides massive amount of movie hits. It also provides Tamil, Telugu, Hindi movies like Movies4u, indeed. The advantage is that it has complete search filter section on the left of the website.

There are great filters that can help you finding Hindi movies you want. It starts from reviews, actors, directors, and genres. Take advantage of the free 30 days trial for new users. In addition, you only need to pay $9.

3. Now TV

NOW TV can be another alternative besides It looks more attractive and colorful than the two previous alternative streaming sites. You can search for movies, series, sports, kid movies, and other entertainment. When you see the homepage, it offers a large option of movies to click.

The advantage of this site is that it shows how long the film will be available on the platform. So, you do not need to feel suddenly sad because the movie you want to watch is no longer available on that online site. Unfortunately, it only offers a 7-day free trial. Therefore, after that if you are interested in renewing your subscription, just pay $5!


When the main site of Movies4u free shut down, proxy sites come to access free. With a various categories and other benefits, you can obtain many Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English movies. Through the app, it is easy to download and watch without ads.

Unfortunately, this application needs strong connection. However, it would be better to subscribe legal streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and NOW TV.

Happy streaming!