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Streaming online has become so popular in this digital era. With internet connection, you can be allowed to consume any content provided in streaming websites and apps. The example is MoviesJoy, which grabs attention of many users online for its good looks and function offered through its main sites.

MoviesJoy stream becomes part of costumers’ lives. Because, it gives extensive contents on its streaming site. It is as good as its alternatives. However, we suggest to visit the MoviesJoy similar before you plan to see those three MoviesJoy alternatives that will be mentioned below. The next following text would be interesting information about MoviesJoy from what is that, why you should stream here, and a list of its alternatives.

What is MoviesJoy?


If you want to watch movies without any interrupted advertisement, this one is the best choice for you. MoviesJoy, which claimed as a free movies and TV shows streaming without display ads on the main page. It does not have banner ads, but you can find pre-roll ads like YouTube. With the advantages that it delivered, it is just a small price.

The different nuance of purple on the home page display is everyone’s attention. It has logo on the left and many menus that can be click to wide your searching results. It also has rows to classify the movies based on the latest movies and shows, and the coming soon. It is completed with the information of the movie about title, time released, duration, and HD mark to tell it is available or not.

Why Is Moviesjoy Down Not Working?

MoviesJoy is not working because of copyright infringement. However, there is much duplication. People can simply search MoviesJoy on the search engine and many links appear on the search results. Or, choose one of these links for the possible link accessed when the main is vanish from the internet.

Make sure you are using VPN before go to the links above. It functions as protecting personal identity from hackers through malware.

Why You Should Stream on Movies joy?

1. No Need To Register For Streaming Experience

Creating username, register or subscribing never happened in MoviesJoy. You just visit and find the favorite one of more than 12,000 titles on this website. You are also allowed to download that by mobile or PC.

2. In-depth Filter

Most website filters the movies stock through the genres. But in MoviesJoy’s filter showed based on IMDB rating and location to fit with your mood.

3. Amazing Interface

The first point that makes it amazing is the combination of color in its features. It is colored in purple theme than other dark boring websites.

4. Wide Ranges of Genres

Not only based on various genres, thousands movies are available divided into various genres. They are action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, history, horror, kids, mysteru, romance, soap, thriller, and war. It is suitable to rise up your mood every day.

Moviesjoy Alternatives

1. GoStream

Cinema lovers would love this one. To watch the movie, click the image linked to the movies you would like to enjoy. The button showed like “watch now” or “download” are available to click. It also looks good on mobile screen even when you want to download.

GoStream includes the most recent viewed collections by movie lovers. The various genres and filters make user experience impress and still come back to here again to access more latest searching experinece.

2. Yes!Movies

Who does not know this famous one? This is the right alternative to replace MoviesJoy apk. You might interest with Yes!Movies’s name which is easily to remember because of the exclamation point in the middle. But, many people just find without that punctuation. YesMovies with its pink nuance and its exclamation is going to make you more excited typing the title you are looking at.

Unfortunately, its main domain has taken down but accessing the mirror site is possible to do. Sort the titles by genres, country or IMDB rating to find the most suitable result to you. Many movies option, filter by genres, find movies from other countries, are offered as its attractiveness in order to continue to exist on the internet.

3. SolarMovie

The other alternative is SolarMovie, which offers different qualities from CAM, SD, and HD. From comedy, adventure, animation, and thriller can be found in this streaming site. If you want to search movies you are looking for, visit the search bar.

High resolution and search bar be equipped with its beautifulness of its display, which looks like the most known streaming platform, Netflix. SolarMovies views orange while Netflix with Red. As good as Netflix, you can also download it freely to your device storage and watch it offline.


MoviesJoystream looks amazing on its purple shade and multiple genres that laid down on the display. Besides its amazing UI, it also has extensive library. So, enjoy your favorite choices through this website and four alternatives stated above for free. But it is a little bit annoying with the pop-up notification.

So that, be careful with your click to those pops-up. Visit the proxy and mirror domains if the official one is banned. We suggest installing the VPN before you visit those free streaming sites and be entertained by watching your favorite movies