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When you hear Popcorn Time movies, you must remember another streaming site that has a similar name, PopcornFlix. This site has a popcorn-shaped mascot named Pochoclin. The cartoon logo is so cute that is why the site is very memorable.

At first attention, this site looks like a legal site and is professionally created through its elegant appearance. But, its legal status still be questioned because this site allows downloading copyrighted movies without paying. However, with the many advantages offered, Popcorn Time is still the best streaming site.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an open-source tool that does not accept donations, advertisements, and pop-up spam to monetize, so it claims to be a legal platform. However, this also depends on the policies of each country and it is still called illegal if you deliberately download the film on the device.

The movies have multiple languages, but if it is not, it opens for contributors. To access the films, you can visit some of the new URLs of Popcorn Time below. Or, it is easier by downloading the app on popcorntime.app. Install Popcorn Time Apk, select movies you like, and click the play button to enjoy the full movie.

New Links and Alternatives of Popcorn Time Movies Online 2021

Advantages Offered by PopcornTime

  1. Best of all because it is free for anyone as long as you have a proper connection. You also do not have to download to stream the contents.
  2. It shows you great movies and series through awesome catalogue and streams it right away on your devices.
  3. You can watch free online movies in the best quality until 1080p with an external subtitle (.srt format) to your Popcorn Time. Now, it did improvements to add some new languages to help its users.
  4. It can be accesed in various operating systems such as Android phone and TV, Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux32 and Linux64.
  5. Popcorn Time will remain you by adding a special icon if you have watched the movie.
  6. You can filter the movies by trending and popularity.

Premium Sites Alternatives to Watch Online Movies

1. YouTube Premium

All people have known this one. You are freely watch millions free videos. You can be either the viewer or the YouTuber who upload free video contents for YouTube users. YouTube also has special service called YouTube Premium. It is possible to rent movies or series like other streaming platform.

The price is not highly expensive, same like the other streaming platform. Like Popcorn Time, you can watch without annoying ads and any interruptions. In addition, you can download it for offline-watching. The account is integrated with your Gmail, no need to register again.

2. Apple TV

Discover great movies and episodes on Apple TV. It is possible to rent contents. It is about $10 to $15. And it has different prices for different entertainment. The latest content will be saved after it aired immediately if you buy entire season.

It is integrated to your iOS devices to access not only movies. All purchases through iTunes, including content that you are currently renting, will appear in the Apple TV library. If you find HD content, this benefit can be enjoyed automatically without any additional cost.

3. Google Play Movies

Google Play is full of genres like Popcorn Time ios App. It has comedy, thriller, animation, documentary, drama, and so on to suit on your mood. There are two services: rental and purchase. You can rent and purchase movies, but not for TV shows that can be only purchased not rented.

It has the same cost like Apple TV. The price is worth for its great high visual and sound quality. The user interface is commonly known to watch on various devices. Enjoy the benefits through computer, smartphone, or even television.


The abundance of profits and advantages made Popcorn Time download very famous the whole world. It does not have interfered ads, can be accessed on various devices, update content regularly, and free of course.

It is still better to use agreeable platforms by authorities around the world like YouTube Premium, Google Play Movies, and Apple TV. It will protect your data and prevent harm risks from free streaming sites.