Primewire Unblocked 2021 – Watch Movie & Tv Series Online

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One of the fun activities in the middle of the pandemic is watching online movies with Primewire. By this platform, you are exploring the world with its various stories. However, this site adds subtitles.

Even though the authorities shut it down, many fans still come back to stream. Many of the sites have shows up with different domain names. The following passages next will be explained more about Primewire and its alternatives.

What is Primewire?

Primewire is a free on-site movie provider site that gets the 31,707 rank on global internet traffic and engagement site over past 90 days. It has Hollywood films, TV shows, web-series, subtitles, reviews, and news related to movies.

People from any countries can download the contents by typing on the browser app as they wish. It brings you numerous Hollywood titles to enjoy. Click the poster, review the information it shared, and play the movie immediately.

Sites Like Primewire Website


If the Primewire down, new Primewire ag sites will exist with the different domain name like on the list below:

Advantages Offered by Primewire

  1. This will be free online movie site that provides HD Hollywood series, shows, and movies. Not only that, you can see scenes, news, reviews that are related to movies on the Primewire site.
  2. If you remember one movie in your past, and you would like to re-play it, Primewire is the best place to pass by. From new to old movies are provided here.
  3. Good user interface is affected users to stay. The website also let you to search on the first page. It also suggests you to subscribe through email to keep you update. This is very helpful when it is down; you can sit and wait the new message about its new links or remind you new contents.
  4. Great number of entertainment contents divided into action, animation, adenture, crime, family, history, sci-fi, romance, and more genres included.

Primewire Alternatives


It needs you to register to add into your watch list section because of updated content Crackle has. Like Prime wire, Crackle offers free access to its entertainment contents. They are movies, cool serial, news and other benefits offered.

Because of free access, makes this streaming movie platform can be used in Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox One, and many others. It is just available in several countries. If it says, “We’re not currently available in this region“, that means you should use free restriction tools to solve this problem and apply a VPN to protect your data.


It offers you free of charge, so you can watch it with seconds of ads. However, it needs account registration to access contents on this platform. The design seems elegant with the ads banner on the homepage that might offer you paid-subscription promo.

Touching the poster with your mouse pointer will show you rating, price to rent and trailer of online contents such as movies and TV shows. One thing it offers to its users that different from Prime wire is that it introduces you a converting conventional DVDs to digital.

3. IMDb TV

Powered by Amazon, this is famous as online movies platform around the world. It requires you to fill the registration form before you stream your favorite movies. After complete this, you can pay to watch upcoming movies, review trailers and seeing some reviews to check people’s recommendation.

This video on demand platform serves detail information about the director, player, to play writer to guide you to be closer to what you are looking for on the site. This one would be the perfect Primewire alternative as your movie-streaming friend.