The Penthouse Season 2: War In Life Episode 9 and 10 English Subtitle

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Watch The Penthouse 2 Episode 9 and eps 10 – The following is a full review starting from the preview, broadcast schedule and streaming and download site for the film which is scheduled to air for eps 9 on Friday (3/19) and eps 10 on Saturday (3/20) .

In the previous episode Bae Ro Na, who returned to school at Cheong A High School, reaped hatred from his former enemies, namely Joo Seok Kyung and Ha Eun Byeol.

The two of them conspire to thwart Bae Ro Na from participating in the art festival at her school, including an untrue lesson by Yoo Jenny who accuses Bae Ro Na of tampering with.

The Penthouse 2 Episode 9 and Eps 10 Streaming Site

The Penthouse 2 Episode 9 10

Before discussing the eps 9 and eps 10 previews, below we will inform you about the streaming link to watch The Penthouse 2 which will air tonight.

Officially the film The Penthouse 2 is still airing on the official website, you can watch the full movie streaming using the viu application or the website via the link below.

Streaming link: here

Because this site is a paid site, to be able to watch The Penthouse season 2 eps 9 and episode 10 you have to subscribe to a monthly package first.

Some alternatives if you want to watch this film for free can be done using free viewing sites such as the 123movies, dramacool, Cmovies.

Preview The Penthouse Season 2 Episode 9 and 10

In episode 9 the story begins when Yoon-Hee, who has a nightmare and wakes up from her sleep. He was so scared by his dream that he finally invited Ro-Na to move from Seol-A’s former house, which was famous for being haunted.

Meanwhile Joo Dan-Tae is suspicious of his wife having been spying on him all this time, Joo Dan-Tae starts to panic when Yoon-Hee finds out about his secret that has been tightly kept, even though only Yoon-Cheol and Kyu-Jin know the secret.

The three people start to throw responsibility and accuse each other, Dan-Tae suspects that Yoon-Cheol has leaked the secret, Kyu-Jin gets furious. Hearing about this, he doesn’t want his entire investment to be lost just because of ignorance. Yoon-Cheol.

There are many legions of unexpected surprises in this film, if you are curious about episodes 9 and 10 later, you can watch live streaming through the sites we discussed above.


The film The Penthouse 2 is currently entering its 9 and 10 episodes which aired this week, so there are only 6 episodes left for this film to be finished.

Our recommendation if you want to watch the movie The Penthouse season 2, our advice is to watch it using the official Viu streaming site, even though it is a paid site but is proportional to the quality obtained and avoid distractions such as annoying advertisements.

Another alternative that is often done by Drakor movie lovers, usually they often watch using free sites, this site is an illegal site and there are often obstacles, one of which is an advertisement that is very annoying.