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The Yin Yang Master is a fantasy action film adapted from a novel by Yumemakura, to watch this film you can use the Netflix streaming site starting February 5, 2021.

The Yin Yang Master is a film by director Jingming Guo, this film stars several Chinese actresses and actors such as Mark Chao who plays Qing Ming, and Alien Deng as Bo Ya.

Like most other Chinese films, The Yin Yang Master also carries the concept of a dynasty or legendary film with the action film genre, the story of this film is quite exciting and worth watching to fill your spare time.

The Yin Yang Master Watch Streaming site Eng Sub

The Yin Yang Master Eng Sub

You can watch the film The Yin Yang Master Indonesian subtitles via the link below

There are several options for watching the latest Chinese drama films, namely by using an official streaming site or a paid site, and you can also watch streaming through a free streaming site, but this free site is not an official site.

The only online streaming site that shows the legal and official movies streaming is the Netflix streaming site, you can immediately click the link below to start watching the movie streaming.

Streaming link: here

Apart from the Netflix site, You can also be watched and downloaded via free streaming sites, some free streaming sites that are quite popular are the Tamilrockers site and the PubFilm site because this site is not an official site so there are a number of ads that appear when live streaming using the site.

The Yin Yang Master Watch online


The Yin Yang Master Synopsis

Centuries ago, the Evil Snake demon was born out of human desire. Four masters from four different sects gathered to seal the snake within the Imperial City. Over time, the Four Guardians were formed to prevent the demon from escaping and wreaking havoc on the world.

From then on, four different masters would go to the Imperial City to awaken the Four Guardians to lock up to the demon. With the appearance of the Evil Snake Demon threat, four different masters gathered: Hongruo, Longye, Bo Ya, and Qing Ming.

Qing Ming, a disciple of Zhongxing, was sent to the Imperial City, after his teacher died and called himself the Yin-Yang Master. Based on his master’s instructions, he was carrying the Fangyue sword, which was used to kill the Evil, Snake demon.

After his arrival at Imperial City, he met Bo Ya. During their first night’s stay, Lord Hongruo was killed by a hair demon. The Empress ordered Princess Chang Ping to investigate Hongruo’s death, and appointed another master, He Shouyue, to replace Mr. Hongruo.


Broadly speaking, the Yin Yang Master tells the story of a very evil snake-shaped demon sealed in an Imperial city, 4 Masters from their different sects unite to subdue the snake so as not to run away because it could endanger the world if the demon is released

Now if you are curious about this film you can stream through the Netflix streaming site discussed above, besides Netflix there are other options, namely free streaming sites but this site is an illegal site, so we not recommend watching via that site.