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Watch Mouse Korean Drama Eng Sub – Early March 2021, this is the premiere of the Korean film entitled Mouse, this 20-episode drama film will start airing on March 3, 2021.

Watch Mouse Korean Drama

This Korean drama film starring Lee Seung Gi is arguably the most anticipated by Lee Seung Gi’s fans, because this film is his debut after a long absence.

Lee Seung Gi last played a film, starring in the film Vagabond, which aired in 2019, almost 3 years of vacuum, in the film Mouse Lee Seung Gi will pair up with Park Joo Hyun.

Mouse Korean Drama Detailed Information

  • Title: Mouse
  • Genre: Thriller, Crime, Suspense, Mystery, Action
  • Director: Choi Joon-bae, Kang Cheol-woo
  • Screenwriter: Choi Ran
  • Country: South Korea
  • Number of Episodes: 20 Eps
  • Showtimes: March 3, 2021 – May 6, 2021 Every Wednesday and Thursday 22:30 KST (GMT + 9)
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Streaming sites: tvN, Viu


  • Lee Seung Gi as Jung Ba Reum [main player]
  • Lee Hee Joon as Ko Moo Chi [main character]
  • Park Joo Hyun as Oh Bong Yi [main character]
  • Kyung Soo Jin as Choi Hong Joo [main player]
  • Ahn Jae Wook as Han Seo Jun
  • Kim Jung Nan as Sung Ji Eun
  • Pyo Ji Hoon as Detective Shin
  • Woo Ji Hyun as Dong Goo
  • Kim Young Ok [Grandma who lives alone with Bong Yi]
  • Jo Jae Yoon as Daniel Lee
  • Kim Young Jae as Ko Moo Won
  • Lee Seo Joon as Na Chi Kook
  • Jung Ae Ri as Choi Young Shin
  • Ahn Nae Sang
  • Kim Kang Hoon as Jung Ba Reum [Young]
  • Seo Dong Hyun as Ko Moo Chi [Young]


Streaming Site Mouse Korean Drama Eng Sub

Below is a recommended link to watch the Full English sub Mouse drama.

Officially this latest Korean drama film airs on the official streaming site, you can watch the film from eps 1 to episode 20 with English subtitles support.

The viu site is a site to watch and download the drama Mouse that we recommend, because this site is the official site for watching the film.

You can stream mouse Korean drama movies via the streaming link below

Viu streaming link: here

In addition to the site, Mouse drama films are usually uploaded by several free steaming sites such as

Synopsis of Mouse Korean Drama

The drama Mouse tells the story of Jung Ba-Reum played by Lee Seung-Gi who is a detective in one of the police, He is a young man who has a good personality and always wants to uphold justice.

At one point Jung Ba-Reum had to deal with a mysterious serial murder case, this case was very disturbing throughout the country because the perpetrator was a psychopath.

But after he finished this case, Jung Ba-Reum’s life got better after he had to be involved with many people before.

What’s the next story, you can watch the Korean drama Mouse film through the viu streaming site, don’t forget to keep an eye on the film so you don’t miss the storyline.


Every day the drama film Mouse shows?

Every Wednesday and Thursday 22:30 KST (GMT + 9)